Unrealistic Deadline?

So I’ve been in just about an all out panic at my husband’s deadline for launching the first book. I don’t think I can get everything done in time. I’m still editing. Right now I’m working with what my beta readers have said. Then I plan another pass through before printing it out one moreContinue reading “Unrealistic Deadline?”

Self-publishing for dummies? #IWSG

I should spend more time at the library searching this stuff up. It is far too easy to get lost in the clicking of links – hoping and praying for a direct answer. It isn’t for a lack of online resources, however…except to the questions I currently have. After deciding to shut down my otherContinue reading “Self-publishing for dummies? #IWSG”

A little too different #IWSG

So I’ve been working on editing the second book in my series and I’m starting to become concerned that it is perhaps too different than the first book. I’m digging into the darkest secrets of my main character. Forcing them to the surface for both her and those close to her to have to dealContinue reading “A little too different #IWSG”

Funny how that works out…

For a while, I’ve been stressing about the low word count on Twisted Magics. Sitting at a little over 66K, it was hard to take seriously. Even though I never actually pay attention to word counts when I’m reading. Going into a new round of beta, it got a little beefier with cresting 75K. IContinue reading “Funny how that works out…”

Does size matter? #IWSG

Of the many things I’ve fretted over as I near the point of publishing is the size of the book. That all important word count. Fantasy has a rather high word count according to my Google searches with a large range. I have┬ámet other local fantasy and science fiction authors who have 120K+ projects thatContinue reading “Does size matter? #IWSG”