I just finished reading two completely different articles from two vastly different websites. One of those, I can go from reading an article about a video game to something more politically based without batting an eye. Both had spelling and grammatical errors in them. What happened to proofreading or at least an editor reading over the piece before it is published?

Neither one was a lengthy article. I finished each one in under a minute even with a pause at each error. Longer works, heaven only knows how often I’ve read and reread the same parts of my book and still missed them because my brain fixes it automatically. Still try to find them though.

I just find it hard to take articles seriously that have blatant errors like the ones in the articles I read. It was the same reason I stopped reading The Legend of Drizzt series I forget how many books in. After a while, the errors just drove me mad.

Something new

Oooh, look, 2 days and 2 posts. Scary.

Getting back on topic, I’m giving something new a try. So far I’ve kept my notes and whatnot in Scrivener. Good spot, easy access… you get the idea.

However, given that I’m still impatiently waiting the release of an iOS version of Scrivener, and copying all of those notes from one project to another as I continue in this world… I’m starting to see the signs that I’ve outgrown that particular function. A friend of mine was talking about a personal Wiki she keeps on her computer for her world and had to inquire further. Especially after coming up short on my searches.

She uses WikidPad and from what little I researched before downloading and installing, it sounded good. Toying with it a bit, I soon came to realize the limitations that I would personally encounter. For someone that has access to a laptop that can be mobile or doesn’t mind being tied to one machine, it would be great. My mobile option is my iPad… not so friendly with Windows programs. I haven’t uninstalled the software, but I’m not actively pursuing using it at the moment. Still contemplating the “just get a damn laptop” option for down the road as I don’t like being stuck in my office.

Especially not with a very active 3 year old free in the house.

My search turned up an alternative that may work: OneNote. Has an iOS app. Dropbox compatible. Sounds like a good deal? Except I heard it can be a lot more work to try and keep organized. I’ve been toying with it for a little bit and so far seems fairly straight forward. Snagged some tips from this Reddit post. Let the experiment begin. I’m hoping this will turn out to be a wonderful tool to use to keep my world organized.

Does size matter? #IWSG

Of the many things I’ve fretted over as I near the point of publishing is the size of the book. That all important word count.

Fantasy has a rather high word count according to my Google searches with a large range. I have met other local fantasy and science fiction authors who have 120K+ projects that they are working on that don’t seem to have a problem reaching those numbers. But then I look at my little 66K word count and wonder if I shouldn’t be looking into somehow making that larger.

I’ve told the story I wanted to tell. Any additions I have planned for once I hear back from the last couple of beta readers won’t bring that count much higher. It concerns me that people will somehow see this little word count and think it isn’t worth their time.

Even once I made the choice to go the self publishing route because of small size (what traditional publishing house is going to want to try and push something that small for fantasy?), it hadn’t settled that concern. The feedback so far from beta readers hasn’t pointed at the size being an issue. I should be comfortable having something that works well, right?

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