Burnout? #IWSG

I did some pretty heavy revisions to Shattered Illusions (Terra Chronicles book #2) during Camp NaNoWriMo last month. Managed to pour a lot of energy into it and called the revisions good fairly early so I could have it printed to work on while out camping.

And then never touched it. I still haven’t. About the most I’ve done is put it in a binder and find a red pen along with some loose-leaf to go with it. And wonder why the paper seems so thick because that wasn’t what I ordered, but I won’t complain. Might gripe about the turn around time this new place I tried took, but they came in way cheaper than where I usually go.

But no actual editing. I keep telling myself I need to get back on it. I need to have it done to go into beta in September. Which isn’t working.

My brain wants to work on anything but that. Including trying to figure out how I’m going to start book 3.

*sigh* If I keep trucking the heavyweight around everywhere, I might eventually get some work done on it, right? About as fast as I seem to be picking up Scrivener for iOS. (Okay, so I initially held off in hopes of getting a coupon for it from Camp NaNo.)

Now onto the IWSG question for the month: What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

Like my very very very first piece of writing ever? That is wonderfully long gone. It was a place for me to escape and I never really put much effort into it.

My first really serious attempt is somewhere in my Dropbox still. I kept trying to write Kage’s story for a few years off and on. I had some things I liked but overall it never worked. While Kage gets a brief mention and cameo in Twisted Magics, I haven’t revisited any version of the story yet. Though from the ashes of one of them sparked a general idea that eventually took off into my current series. I do plan on looking back at some point so I can get a feel for Kage again as it gets closer to her return.

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6 thoughts on “Burnout? #IWSG

  1. We all suffer from burnout once in awhile. Let it rest and do something to recharge. I always find that helps me. Watch a movie you love, reread a book you adore, or do something else you love. Sometimes working on a different project for awhile helps too. 🙂 You’ll get back to it, when the time is right! Good luck!

  2. But editing is the funnest part… No, I’m not saying that sarcastically. We all have our preferences, eh? First drafts are the bane of my existence–because they suck and I know they suck and I can’t stand them. But hey, burn out is real. If your mind is resisting the story, there might be a reason other than the red pen. I’d give it some time to sit and give yourself permission to write something else. Even if it’s just short stories. Or poetry. I had one story I loathed because I was forcing myself through it. I still have scarring. Not a happy place, but I will eventually go back and rewrite it because it’s an epic story. Even if I hate it. Everyone else will love it. And my publisher especially loves it–or what it will be when I finish. (Book contracts, eh? It’s nice to know someone wants to see this book 5 years from now when I love it again.)

    1. Awesome about the book contract!

      I usually love editing, but after months of fighting with it and reading the same thing over and over has killed me on this one early.

      But I think I’ll do that and work on side scenes I eventually want to post here. Thank you!

  3. Though I don’t particularly suffer from burnout, I am horrible at keeping to just one task when my mind goes prancing off to another subject. Maybe things will boomerang around and you’ll get excited to edit your story again. Here’s for hoping for the best!

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