Muse Monday: Try Everything

First I want to apologize for my lack of response and posts lately. Life’s been crazy and I’m still playing catch-up with everyone.

Recently I was making a new playlist for the book I’m working on and admittedly, I’m not sure if this song belongs on it or if I just put it on there for my daughter. Playlists end up getting burned to CD and then into my vehicle they go.

Anywho, I bought my daughter Zootopia for her birthday and she’s been in love with it so I get to hear this song frequently enough that it gets stuck in my head:

I keep asking myself if it belongs on the playlist in question. I still can’t honestly answer, but maybe it needs to be there while I’m editing. Or I need to hear it for myself.

In any case, I thought I’d switch gears and try something fun for a change. Figured I should also keep it light to start.

I’m curious how many others build playlists for what they are working on. Do random things just seem to end up on it?

2 thoughts on “Muse Monday: Try Everything

  1. That’s fun! I haven’t seen Zootopia yet.

    Yeah, I have playlists. I can’t listen to them while writing, but I do have playlists. Usually I associate them to a particular character. This one is Cera in MMF, this is Derek in Thanmir War, etc. Radioactive is the only song that fits more than one character though. 🙂

    1. The movie is fun. Even after 1K+ times I swear my daughter must have watched it.

      I used to (actually still do) have playlists for characters, but then I want to work on things later down the line. Figured I’d try something different and make it book specific.

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