Indie Author Day

self-e_indieauthorday_logo_tshirt-01-e1462823856596Indie Author Day is in a couple of weeks. Events will be held nationally so check out their listing of which libraries are participating for the one closest to you.3D Mock Up

I’m getting excited (and quite nervous) about it. I’ll be at the Boise downtown library with copies of Twisted Magics for sale. There will be panels and readings going on – lots of local indie and hybrid authors to meet and greet in multiple genres as well as local writing communities.

If you’re in the area, come check it out on October 8th from 10-4:30. The Boise event has some great people lined up (and I’m fairly certain they haven’t announced everyone yet).

Now what?

I know, not a Muse Monday post. On Thursday I started sending out my beta file to people. While I wouldn’t mind a few more beta readers the ones who have it now already have me wringing my hands in worry.

I’m running my beta period until January 1st so I can work on other projects, but after sending it out I went into a “now what?” phase. Do I work on this or that? Take a break for a bit? What?

I dabbled a little with my notes for book 3 that I plan on writing during NaNoWriMo in November, but I’ve still got a little less than a month and a half left to wait. Of the three project titles I had come up with, I managed to pick one so yay! I’ll be good to go on setting up my novel as soon as they let me.

Once I get some other things accomplished, I’m sure I’ll go back to heavily working on the shorts I have so eventually I can start posting them. Maybe touch another larger project I’ve been meaning to get back to.

I’ll also need to get other stuff done to prepare for Shattered Illusions to be released. Plenty to do, but still didn’t stop me from standing there lost for a bit once I let the beta out to my small test audience. Honestly, I’ve struggled with this project from beginning to end. Unsure if I should keep it at all. Wondering if I went over the top with certain things (I’m not nice to my characters as much as I want to keep them safe).

Time will tell. I’m giving my beta readers until January 1st so they have plenty of time between those who will be participating in NaNoWriMo and the holidays coming up.

Muse Monday: Why?

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. Yesterday while I worked on edits so I can get Shattered Illusions out to my beta readers, part of my mind decided to wander. I shared the questions on Facebook and got a couple of responses. They were very similar, but off enough I could see the different mindsets between an indie author and one who is trying to get traditionally published.

Now, the questions have no context. They were idle thoughts while I worked. I found myself wondering: Why are some things considered lazy or amateurish? How did those rules come about?

Pure curiosity on how these things came about. And after reading the responses, I wondered why these two chose the paths they did: one indie and another trying to break into traditional publishing.

And with Indie Author Day coming up in less than a month I know this is a question I will likely be asked among others. The short answer is I had a story I wanted to share. I have longer, more in-depth reasons which would bore most people. I did consider both paths, but found indie a better fit for me.

In other news, I totally found a location I want to use in book 3. *squeal* Nope, not sharing until I at least get the rough draft down during NaNoWriMo in November.

Oh, and I’ll be attending the Indie Author Day events at the Boise location. I’ll post more on it once I get details.

Time? #IWSG

This month’s IWSG question is: how do you find the time to write in your busy day?

I stopped and went “what time?” as I’ve been mostly ignoring it for the past couple of weeks. And as much as my schedule increased in terms of how busy it got this year with the little one starting preschool (among other things), I’m sitting in trepidation at how much busier next year will be.

For now I’m trying to use the short time she’s in school to get something done, though lately it has been other things demanding my attention first. I think once the dust settles and I get used to the new routine, it’ll even itself out.

But honestly, I’ll grab whatever time I can. I don’t have a set schedule and I’m certain I’ll be making good use of the iOS version of Scrivener and my Dropbox syncing (since before Scrivener for iOS was released I would bounce between computers).

Writing on the run is hard, editing harder, and with as much as this post might be disjointed I think I can make it work.

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What just happened?

IMG_2979.JPGIt’s been a pretty busy time period. Little one started preschool. Needing to get her signed up for her other activities such as dance class. The hot air balloon festival (the picture is actually from last year’s festival – haven’t even downloaded the ones from this year yet never mind edited them). Husband’s extended family members in town who want to do a quilt-a-thon. And it goes on.

Needless to say my writing time has been limited lately.

Preschool…well, I am grateful for a drama-free drop-off. She was like “bye!” and happily went into the classroom even though she was the first one there. I’m left just standing there wondering where my shy little girl went.

While she’s there I’ve been trying to get some stuff done. Finish up the changes I need to make before going into beta. Updating other files. Figure I can really get to work on those side stories I want to post here. Just got to get used to all the new things.