June is coming fast

Twisted Magics will be available in 5 weeks on June 21st. In the meantime, I’ve linked to several places that pre-orders can be placed below.

To add to the fun, I will be taking questions from the comments that I will answer in my post next week. I didn’t get any questions last week. /sadface

So I’ll talk about some other stuff.

What have I been doing since completing this project? Working on book 2. I’ve reworked the ending to something I’m more content with, though there is still a long way to go. I’m also working on a shorter piece that would be a good backstory for book 2 (actually, I wrote it to work out the events and how these characters interacted back then), but is way too big to end up as a prologue (I wouldn’t do that to you guys).

I’ve also been working on critiques for the past few days. I can spend quite a bit of time on a particular document and sometimes I wonder if I’ll be heard. It also follows to when I was recently asked about speaking to a group about my indie publishing experience. I worry that the particular audience will not be willing to listen to what I have to say. Now, let me clarify – I don’t expect anyone to follow exactly what I say. I am not any type of authority on the matter, but I’d like to have what I do say considered.

3D Mock Up

And now the information on how to get a copy of Twisted Magics!

Ebook versions are available for pre-order through Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo.

Print copy pre-orders are available through my online store. I will begin shipping these on June 14th. If you would like me to sign/write something inside the book, please mark it in the special instructions.

2 thoughts on “June is coming fast

  1. Do you ever feel like you’re getting overridden during our group? I’ll make sure to pay closer attention, if so. I want all the members to feel valuable and not talked over. I know we are an assertive bunch. If ever you feel uncomfortable or disregarded, let me know and I’ll address it.

    I didn’t even know you were taking questions! Unfortunately, I suck at interviewing people. Um… Are there any songs that you find inspiring to your works? Do you have playlists, even if you can’t write with music playing? Do you ever pair up real people with how the characters look inside your head? What would be the root inspiration that sent you down this path with Ketayl?

    1. Don’t worry about me too much. It’s kind of a fact of life for me as I’m not super assertive and soft spoken. I’ll find an opening if I have something I really need to say. The problem I’m facing with this other group (why do I keep doing this to myself with them?) is about when someone wants a critique and then ignores people. This person that I spent a long time on their piece is willing to listen only so far and has their mind set on “this is how epic fantasy is and how [insert famous author] does it.”

      It’s okay – I’m just taking questions for fun. Doesn’t have to be anything formal. Like why I chose my release date (has something to do with something in my world), but I like those questions too. I just want to have fun and be silly. I just won’t spoil anything. XD

      Now you have to wait until next week.

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