Keeping on Track #IWSG

Yeah, I’ve been really bad about keeping on top of certain things lately. Writing blog posts being one of them. Trying to stay on track with getting Conjured Defense ready and it feels like a thousand or so other things. While itching to get back to book 5 (saved my next attempt at it forContinue reading “Keeping on Track #IWSG”

A belated thank you

A belated thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hi at Rediscovered Books this weekend. There are still signed copies of Twisted Magics on sale there. I also want to thank the folks at Rediscovered – they are the nicest, sweetest people who have a huge passion for books. And my daughter mightContinue reading “A belated thank you”

Hit the ground running

I don’t talk much of non-writing things here. Perhaps I’m simply not that interesting. I certainly have other interests, but those things have taken a backseat lately. The past week or so has been hectic between my meetings, my husband’s meetings, and our daughter’s activities/events. She had her dress rehearsal a week ago and thenContinue reading “Hit the ground running”