Side project getting sidelined

There’s a side project I’ve been toying with, trying to get it together to submit (or keep for my own nefarious purposes). I even submitted it to a couple of critique groups and received fantastic feedback on how to improve it. And now I’m poking at it with a stick. I’ve had a love-hate relationshipContinue reading “Side project getting sidelined”

Recent Events

Here you’ve heard me talk quite a bit about Indie Author Day and those who follow me on Facebook have gotten to hear me go on about Boise Book Fest. With the two events running back-to-back weekends, it was hard not to be super excited about both. I didn’t get the chance to escape my table for IndieContinue reading “Recent Events”

Reading Recommendations and Indie Author Day

I finally just sat down and started working my way through my backlog on reading. I previously read This World Bites by Loni Townsend, which I thoroughly enjoyed and am now working my way through Thanmir War. I highly recommend fantasy readers to take a look at her work. She’ll be at Indie Author Day inContinue reading “Reading Recommendations and Indie Author Day”