Burnout? #IWSG

I did some pretty heavy revisions to Shattered Illusions (Terra Chronicles book #2) during Camp NaNoWriMo last month. Managed to pour a lot of energy into it and called the revisions good fairly early so I could have it printed to work on while out camping. And then never touched it. I still haven’t. AboutContinue reading “Burnout? #IWSG”

Muse Monday: Shattering

Today’s post might go in a few different directions, but I’m announcing book 2’s title. Just no date – way too much work ahead of me, but the title I’ve had on it a while has stuck. I had this song on in my vehicle and ended up hitting repeat (much to my husband’s dismayContinue reading “Muse Monday: Shattering”

Muse Monday: In rememberance

Some people like to put in things for people who have been in their lives. I’m sure someday I will, but my latest little cameo was to a player character in our gaming group that one of my characters killed. He took a swing at her first. It was the last thing he did. Anyway,Continue reading “Muse Monday: In rememberance”

Muse Monday: Try Everything

First I want to apologize for my lack of response and posts lately. Life’s been crazy and I’m still playing catch-up with everyone. Recently I was making a new playlist for the book I’m working on and admittedly, I’m not sure if this song belongs on it or if I just put it on thereContinue reading “Muse Monday: Try Everything”

Twisted Magics

Twisted Magics will be available in 2 weeks on June 21st. In the meantime, I’ve linked to several places that pre-orders can be placed below. Just as a note: I will be taking print pre-orders through my online store¬†until the end of day on June 13th (which is pretty much when I give up playingContinue reading “Twisted Magics”

June is coming fast

Twisted Magics will be available in 5 weeks on June 21st. In the meantime, I’ve linked to several places that pre-orders can be placed below. To add to the fun, I will be taking questions from the comments that I will answer in my post next week. I didn’t get any questions last week. /sadfaceContinue reading “June is coming fast”

Going against the norm

As I quickly wrap up the last edits for Twisted Magics, I keep thinking about something that one of the members of my little critique group brought up about ditching my final chapter. His point was because my story has turned into this “hero quest” and those usually end shortly after the final battle. AndContinue reading “Going against the norm”