Muse Monday: Why?

Today’s post is going to be a bit different. Yesterday while I worked on edits so I can get Shattered Illusions out to my beta readers, part of my mind decided to wander. I shared the questions on Facebook and got a couple of responses. They were very similar, but off enough I could see the different mindsets between an indie author and one who is trying to get traditionally published.

Now, the questions have no context. They were idle thoughts while I worked. I found myself wondering: Why are some things considered lazy or amateurish? How did those rules come about?

Pure curiosity on how these things came about. And after reading the responses, I wondered why these two chose the paths they did: one indie and another trying to break into traditional publishing.

And with Indie Author Day coming up in less than a month I know this is a question I will likely be asked among others. The short answer is I had a story I wanted to share. I have longer, more in-depth reasons which would bore most people. I did consider both paths, but found indie a better fit for me.

In other news, I totally found a location I want to use in book 3. *squeal* Nope, not sharing until I at least get the rough draft down during NaNoWriMo in November.

Oh, and I’ll be attending the Indie Author Day events at the Boise location. I’ll post more on it once I get details.

2 thoughts on “Muse Monday: Why?

  1. I remember this conversation!

    I don’t often put words as to why I went indie, because in my head, they sound arrogant, naive, and…well…lazy. I know my goals. I don’t have any aspirations of quitting my programming job to write full-time. That’s not actually something I want. I want to write the best darn book I can and share it with others, but I don’t want to wait for gatekeepers who might reject me on the basis that fantasy books aren’t in right now, or that my story just doesn’t fit with their selection. I’m an artist who wants creative control over my covers and revels in making my own graphics. I’m a curious DIYer who enjoys researching the nuances of formatting and design. I can do this as an indie author.

    I’m also a squirrel on a soapbox. 🙂

    Woot for Indie Author Day!

    And really, I’d love to hear the long, boring answer of yours sometime.

    1. I’ll be happy to share when we get a chance. Could barely hear in there last night plus I was on the wrong end. XP

      I don’t think yours sounds arrogant though. It fulfills the path you want to travel. I was at the IWG luncheon and someone across the table from me was hybrid and prefers traditional because she likes the advances, but she also does graphic design packages for indie authors as her primary job.

      Oh, and are you getting a table to sell at with Indie Author Day? I heard from the librarian running it that you’re doing a panel. I’m too scared of being in front of people to be useful on a panel. The table is going to be interesting. Want to see if I can get placed next to someone I know. XD

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