Going against the norm

As I quickly wrap up the last edits for Twisted Magics, I keep thinking about something that one of the members of my little critique group brought up about ditching my final chapter. His point was because my story has turned into this “hero quest” and those usually end shortly after the final battle. AndContinue reading “Going against the norm”

Unrealistic Deadline?

So I’ve been in just about an all out panic at my husband’s deadline for launching the first book. I don’t think I can get everything done in time. I’m still editing. Right now I’m working with what my beta readers have said. Then I plan another pass through before printing it out one moreContinue reading “Unrealistic Deadline?”

Self-publishing for dummies? #IWSG

I should spend more time at the library searching this stuff up. It is far too easy to get lost in the clicking of links – hoping and praying for a direct answer. It isn’t for a lack of online resources, however…except to the questions I currently have. After deciding to shut down my otherContinue reading “Self-publishing for dummies? #IWSG”

What to do… What to do… #IWSG

While predominantly I have NaNoWriMo on the brain, there has been something, perhaps silly, that has been bothering me as Twisted Magics creeps ever closer to publication: How do you decide on cover art? I’m no artist and I’ve taken some basic graphic design classes, but I’m by nowhere near confident enough to produce myContinue reading “What to do… What to do… #IWSG”

The calm before the storm

As the last hours tick away, I look forward to November with both excitement and trepidation. And a glass of not so great wine. NaNoWriMo is a mixed bag of emotions for me. After finishing my first year, I had a five year span without completing a project. I had tried different projects, attempted theContinue reading “The calm before the storm”