Marketing #IWSG

As I work on the last round of edits, I of course look toward the future and what I need to deal with once it is done.

Marketing is of course the big one. How do I launch? Should I set up signings? How do I set up signings? Do I need any particular materials to hand out with the books? Will anyone show up to an event? Will they try to bite me?

A friend of mine has already asked for a signed copy and I’m sitting here like “I don’t even have a copy yet” and “I have no idea what to write.” Then I wonder what to write for others. And then I stay up half the night worrying over a small, insignificant detail. But for all of that worry, it points out how socially awkward I am around others – especially people I’m not familiar with. And that leads to worrying about looking like a fool.

There goes the other half of the night.

And somewhere in there, the wonder of when I should start building the remainder of my social media presence. Knowing I should get my picture taken and how much I hate having it taken (when I was cosplaying, that was totally different – I was, and looked like someone else). Then I realize that I don’t know anyone that could use my camera to do it (at least do it well enough that I wouldn’t cry) or any photographers in the area.

Finally, among these and a bunch of other little details that panic my introverted self, I realize how stupid all of this is to be worrying about and that others will likely think me self-centered or crazy. Then I get back to editing and pray that things will fall into place if I take it one step at a time.

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4 thoughts on “Marketing #IWSG

  1. 🙂 I totally understand your worries.

    I’ve only done two book signings, and they’ve been group signings. The group setting worked out well for me, since someone who came for one person would wander over to check out my table. I got pretty good at my pitch after some practice. It’s amazing how many people will pick up your book, look at the back, and ask, “So what is your book about?” The first thought was aren’t you looking at the blurb right there? while I desperately grappled for something to say. I have my observations from my first signing if you wanted to take a look.

    You can talk to Sherry Briscoe about getting a photo. She did both of mine with my long hair and my short. Camelyn Gast is also another good option. She did my steampunk photos. You can meet Cami next Wednesday.

    Oh, I heard the IWG wasn’t doing the Rendezvous this year. It’s going to be a pitchfest instead. Does that affect your timeline at all?

    1. Oh noes…the dreaded pitch.

      I’ll have to check them both out. And find something nice to wear. Working for myself has had kind of a bad influence on my wardrobe. I’m normally a t-shirt, jeans, and no makeup type of person. Though I did get my hair highlighted recently (I’m in love with how subtle it is).

      I enjoyed that post. For some reason the word cute comes to mind. Honestly, I’ll probably sit a lot as I’m hyper-aware that my height intimidates a lot of people (even though I’m not actually intimidating and probably more scared of the person trying to talk to me).

      So much work before next Wednesday. x.x It’s not what you sent. I took it upon myself to read Dani’s book before I touched her piece so I have an idea of what is going on. Looking forward to meeting everyone though. XD

      I’m depressed about no Rendezvous. I won’t be going to Pitchfest even though it’s down the street from me. Debating the banquet, but haven’t decided yet.

      In any case, it did affect my timeline in a good way. My manager (husband – he likes his self-proclaimed title) wanted before Rendezvous, but without it, I can move back to late June/early July to aim for and have a bit more breathing room. I’m keeping a tight editing schedule regardless because I want the last thing I’m dealing with to be the cover art.

  2. Don’t worry about an author photo. I’ve gone my whole career without one.
    I also don’t do a lot of physical appearances. I rely on online stuff to promote my books. Blogging, Twitter, Goodreads… Have you looked into Thunderclap? It’s an awesome opportunity.

    1. I have never heard of Thunderclap before. I will definitely have to look into that, thank you!

      I’ve been mostly posting stuff on Twitter and my personal FB (going to have to get an author page sooner or later because I’m very picky about who I add as a friend). I’ll also have to investigate Goodreads beyond using it as just a reader.

      Again, thank you!

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