Unrealistic Deadline?

So I’ve been in just about an all out panic at my husband’s deadline for launching the first book. I don’t think I can get everything done in time.

I’m still editing. Right now I’m working with what my beta readers have said. Then I plan another pass through before printing it out one more time and attacking it with a red pen. The reason for the two is I tend to catch things in print that I don’t necessarily on the screen and vice versa.

Now, I was planning on taking the rest of this month to get through it before printing and then March to take that one last final comb through. Figure sometime this summer, right?

He wants to shoot for the beginning of May. I felt like part of me died that moment. “Have it before Rendezvous” …I don’t even know when or if the conference is running this year.

I don’t know what I want for a book cover and while I know which cover designer I want to approach, I don’t want to without at least a synopsis written. I need to figure out how to do the formatting. And there’s still more.

I realize that this post is very similar to my IWSG post. Mostly I need to get out my worries before I end up huddled in a corner, rocking and whispering to myself. It’s making it hard to focus on editing and everything else I need to take care of.

2 thoughts on “Unrealistic Deadline?

  1. I suck at deadlines. I had once sought to get Isto done in 2014 and published in 2015. Now it’s 2016 and the darn thing isn’t half written. But I’m an unfocused procrastinator. 😛

    You can pull it off. I know Dani brought her book together pretty quickly. You can too.

    1. You can do it! Or I could always point you at my critique group for motivation. They like lighting fires under butts. XP

      I’m on my next-to-final comb through now. The cover designer I am working with has a wait list and I’m not until later in April. Which works out because I’m stuck trying to get the back cover blurb together.

      I’m also not sure what to set up for marketing purposes and having to do that. The launch is also on my mind and how to set anything up for that. I keep thinking about making it a community-ish event and invite local authors to come sell also, but totally stuck on anything beyond that.

      I should focus on finishing up the edits and getting all of the other book matter ready. Hopefully my critique group will keep their focus on one of the others for a bit and not try to set me on fire while I get this together. They get a little excited.

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