Chain reaction #IWSG

The first chain reaction was glancing at my feed this morning and realizing that while I had planned a post for tomorrow, I totally forgot about #IWSG.

The one I actually want to talk about is a short story (well part of one since I can’t seem to stay short) that I have up for critique tonight. I’ve more or less grown thicker skin with receiving critiques. For some reason though, this one has me nervous and thinking that everyone will hate it. This then extends to that everyone will also hate my book once it releases.

This isn’t helpful while I’m struggling with book 2. I’ve got some gems in there that I plan to keep, but I’m doubting my progress.

It’s a very complicated position that I’m in currently. A couple of days ago, I was asked by a different group if I would consider submitting something for critique. This is a group that I haven’t sent anything to for a while. There’s one person who takes over and kind of ruins everything. Makes me not want to volunteer anything.

I agreed though and will be reworking this piece for them after tonight. What has me confused is that the person that approached me called my MC by name. I told her I didn’t think anyone remembered my work (it has been probably close to a year and I rarely submitted). Then she told me that I’ve grown a number of fans.

Wait, what?

I haven’t yet mentioned that Twisted Magics will be available on June 21st. Yes, you heard it here first. I guess I’m still trying to process that and all of the people my husband has convinced to buy the book. This isn’t counting the few people that I’ve mentioned it to offhand and they’ve also pledged their support. It’s overwhelming and I am extremely grateful, but I’m scared that I won’t live up to their expectations (there’s also the chance that I could offend someone badly that I care about).

Just like I won’t live up to the expectations of the group tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Chain reaction #IWSG

  1. Oh no! We’ve terrified you!

    That’s awesome that you’ve got fans and your husband talks about your book. I don’t know that I’ve gotten any word of mouth sales from my guy. 🙂 I don’t think you have too much to worry about with your story. It’s good, and I like the voice. You’ll do fine.

    1. It’s not you guys – I’m being irrational. Tried to figure out if it’s because it’s a character that I’m not used to writing for or because she sounds different in this piece vs book 2 (50 years will do that). There’s no logical reason for it really.

      Outside of I’m a terrible, horrible person about the things I do to people in my world. XD

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