Going against the norm

As I quickly wrap up the last edits for Twisted Magics, I keep thinking about something that one of the members of my little critique group brought up about ditching my final chapter. His point was because my story has turned into this “hero quest” and those usually end shortly after the final battle.

And I’ve given his thought some serious consideration. I never tried putting my story into one of those neat little boxes. I have trouble explaining what sub-genre of fantasy it belongs in as it is. And I keep thinking of the last chapter and thinking that I should see if I can push it into book 2, but it also starts setting up for book 2. And I want to deal with the aftermath and tie off a few more threads in Twisted Magics.

Not to mention I don’t have a whole lot of time left in my schedule to make such drastic changes. I suppose I could change it from a chapter to an epilogue, but I’m not sure how different that would be to a reader. I know for me, if there’s more story, I’m going to read it. Prologue/epilogue doesn’t make a difference to me as it is part of the story.

As well as I am desperate to put this project to rest. Book 2 is glaring at me like a jealous lover and I’m itching to get the plans I have in mind implemented in the rewrite. I’ve also taken a few days and worked on side stories. I’m not sure how much interest there would be, but I’ve been considering, after I release Twisted Magics, every so often posting a short side story here that could not make it into the book.

Ironically, I have a few of those for book 2 already also, but that’s because the story wasn’t playing nice and I went to the side with other characters to work things out.

What are your thoughts on epilogues? Would you go outside the norm for your particular genre/sub-genre if that is where the story took you?

2 thoughts on “Going against the norm

  1. Some could say what I put in my last chapter of Thanmir War might be epilogue material, but I had an epilogue which I really considered to be my epilogue because it brought the story full circle. Then again, Thanmir War isn’t exactly praised for being tight or fast paced story. But I wouldn’t change it because it’s the way I want it. I say go with whatever feels right to you.

    1. Thanks. I have to keep reminding myself that this is my project and that I don’t have to take every piece of advice. I’m still going to consider changing chapter ## to epilogue while I finish off the edits. Besides, that would be the easy change if I decide to go that way. XD

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