We’re through

My posts have been sparse lately. This month was I lost my only client for my business and decided that as soon as I had everything wrapped up, I would go and change it over to get ready for publishing.

Except the end hasn’t been the end. He’s still asking me to do things, which keeps pushing off when I can finally close everything down. I just want to tell him “we’re through” so I can make sure that I get my last payments in.

At this point I can only laugh at the irony of the situation. So I’ll make a little more, but I really want to move forward to new and exciting things. As does my husband it seems by his insistence on wanting me to give him a tutorial on how everything works and all the numbers (accountants…geesh). The only problem: I barely have a better idea on self-publishing than he does.

One thought on “We’re through

  1. I think some work relations continue well past the expiration date. I remember when I switched to a new job and I had people from my old place calling me for help. 🙂 I hope things move along and the end is in sight!

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