It has begun…again #IWSG

It’s NaNoWriMo season once again and I’m off on drafting out book 3 in my series. The last few years I’ve approached this challenge with a strange mix of excitement and trepidation. I blew the challenge for 5 years in a row and even with 3 “wins” under my belt since, I still grow concernedContinue reading “It has begun…again #IWSG”

What just happened?

It’s been a pretty busy time period. Little one started preschool. Needing to get her signed up for her other activities such as dance class. The hot air balloon festival (the picture is actually from last year’s festival – haven’t even downloaded the ones from this year yet never mind edited them). Husband’s extended familyContinue reading “What just happened?”

Hair pulling levels of frustration

I’ve gotten both copies of the print version in as proofs, but the excitement from that is far overridden by the frustration that my tax information keeps getting kicked back as invalid by both Createspace and KDP. That and my husband sitting next to me and reading one of them is kind of weirding meContinue reading “Hair pulling levels of frustration”