For my own entertainment

Not long ago, I was asked if I tried to pair my characters up to real life people. I don’t normally do so unless it strikes me as that person pretty much walked out of my head, but according to my character notes I’ve done that once.

I do, however, build them in video games as closely as I can. Why? It amuses me and I can run around as said character.

Let me shoKetayl Travere 06/08/2016 09:11:24w you my main. She might look a little familiar to those who have had the chance to critique/beta Twisted Magics. Don’t mind the pose too much – I was going a
little screenshot happy (finally figured it out on the PS4, though I usually play on PC) with the new patch and grabbed this from a cutscene.

Gear is usually the worst in trying to manage and I don’t get too picky about it. It changes often enough and I’m too lazy to try and build my perfect set through glamours (referring to specifically FFXIV here).

Hair styles are another one. I swear I’ve seen a bun on another race, but they haven’t given it to the female Elezen yet. The ponytail has been the hair style on her since I was able to get it. Occasionally I try something else, but always end up going back.

Why not a better shot? I haven’t taken one. At least not one that won’t spoil some of the story that my husband has yet to catch up on it at the time of this post. For now I get to sit back and rub my hands in anticipation of watching his reaction to the new story. [insert evil, maniacal laughter here]

Have I tried designing my characters in other video games that will allow it? Yes. FFXIV has gotten me the closest so far and I didn’t think to screenshot those at the time. Or if I had, I don’t remember where I hid the screenshots.

All in all, it’s just a bit of fun and purely for my own entertainment.

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