Hair pulling levels of frustration

I’ve gotten both copies of the print version in as proofs, but the excitement from that is far overridden by the frustration that my tax information keeps getting kicked back as invalid by both Createspace and KDP.

That and my husband sitting next to me and reading one of them is kind of weirding me out. Especially when he starts snickering. He’s being kind and going through it one last time for any changes that might need to be made.

I haven’t announced a cover reveal or a release date yet due to the tax information problems. I’ve had an accountant that likes doing tax stuff (my husband) look at it and he’s at a loss. Contacted one of the companies only to be told to contact the IRS. Geez, Smashwords didn’t give me any trouble.

To counter this frustration, I’ve been working on book 2 fairly heavily the last few days. Writing new chapters from where I had decided I ended the book too soon. Worrying that I’m not starting my book in the right place. Thinking about how much editing I’ll have ahead of me on this new stuff – the current scene (yes, scene) has already hit 5K and shows little sign of stopping.

With any luck, it’s just that my company information is new and thus is the problem and will be cleared up shortly. For now, I’ll go back to the scene that will never end.

2 thoughts on “Hair pulling levels of frustration

  1. Hopefully you don’t pull out all your hair!

    Tax and financial stuff can drive a person crazy. I’m guessing it’ll just take a bit of time for all the processing to go through all the systems. How long ago did you set up your business information?

    1. I got my EIN a little over a week ago and had filed the paperwork for the LLC over a week before that. With it being just after tax season, I’m wondering if the IRS is just being slow even though I have my number. I also have it pretty much memorized at this point also.

      If my hair is significantly longer, you’ll know what happened. XD

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