In going through the editing process, part of it is making sure my characters maintain their particular habits such as Silver toying with his braid. It’s something he does and doesn’t necessarily realize he’s doing it.

And then I start to laugh at one of my own: having my sunglasses on my head whenever I’m out. Either on my face or up on top of my head. I just grab them with my keys on my way out the door and don’t really ever think anything of it.

Until now of course.

What are some habits you have? Or habits of characters you like?

2 thoughts on “Habits

  1. I have a chewing habit. It’s not good. I can’t have anything around my mouth or throat, else it gets chewed on. If it’s got a collar that touches my neck/throat, it’s totally getting nommed. Happened to my hair too, before I chopped it off.

    As far as character habits go, it’s mostly expressions they use. Cameron has his choice phrases. Derek compares people to coffee. Not so much physical stuff for my guys. šŸ™‚

    1. I heard they make a necklace for people who like to nom on things. XD

      Habits don’t have to be physical, but it’s cool to see what people come up with. That was just one of Silver’s that I usually have to go back and add in sometimes.

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