What just happened?

IMG_2979.JPGIt’s been a pretty busy time period. Little one started preschool. Needing to get her signed up for her other activities such as dance class. The hot air balloon festival (the picture is actually from last year’s festival – haven’t even downloaded the ones from this year yet never mind edited them). Husband’s extended family members in town who want to do a quilt-a-thon. And it goes on.

Needless to say my writing time has been limited lately.

Preschool…well, I am grateful for a drama-free drop-off. She was like “bye!” and happily went into the classroom even though she was the first one there. I’m left just standing there wondering where my shy little girl went.

While she’s there I’ve been trying to get some stuff done. Finish up the changes I need to make before going into beta. Updating other files. Figure I can really get to work on those side stories I want to post here. Just got to get used to all the new things.

3 thoughts on “What just happened?

  1. I missed the balloons this year. I was going to go to the night glow, but my bff got sick and then I had too much over the weekend to make it.

    I just started preschool for my son on Monday. He’s all, “Bye-bye, Mama.” and I had to say, “Wait, I still need to walk you inside…”

    I’m glad your daughter adjusted well!

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