Game Night Tales: Olympics

Before I start, no we didn’t have a special Olympics event.

However, our fail ninja did actually manage to look spectacular in front of other people for once. Usually Sarla only pulls off epic feats when no one is looking and and soon as other PCs are watching her, the dice hate the player.

In trying to get back to Karameikos the ship they were on was attacked by pirates. Qadif, the party’s wizard, tried to sink the ship before it got close enough. It wasn’t enough. Pirates began boarding in two areas.

Savanas held one group while Brunnhilde tried to perform an epic jump to the other ship and couldn’t make it over the railing of the one she was one (full plate might have made that an issue…either that or paladins can’t jump). Most of the others began holding the other area.

Eventually the fodder died enough to allow our party to start jumping to the other ship. Sarla, in an epic twist of fate began performing Olympic-level acrobatics to get around enemies to kill them.

Savanas held her position after creating a small corpse wall – unsure of the footing with all the blood spilled on the deck. After some harassment from the DM, I had her cast Jump on herself and far outdo Sarla on acrobatics (to which then started the discussion of who was in what place for what medal). This also included jumping with both blades pointed down onto the boss on the deck below.

And that is how we celebrated the Olympics in game (and now Savanas has a ship).

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