Muse Monday: Side Stories

The original version of Twisted Magics started roughly 2 years before the final version. I still have the files (it was horrible). A few people were unfortunate to have been exposed to it, but not all is lost. The rough ideas are still there.

And I’ve started digging them back out to rewrite. I’ve been considering posting completed pieces here, but I’m not sure how interested people would be. The current one I’m working on is from Lockonis’ perspective.

That’s not saying that I don’t have a bunch of others started and possibly close to completion. I toyed with the idea a little early on, but didn’t start really kicking off doing these side stories until I needed to write sections of Shattered Illusions from another perspective.

Would you read side stories or something from another character’s perspective?

2 thoughts on “Muse Monday: Side Stories

    1. I’d keep it pretty short on here – breaking longer ones up over multiple posts (because I’m bad a reading stories also on blogs if it’s too long). I’ve also been contemplating once I have enough side stories that I could put them together into a book.

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