Game Night Tales: Need a lock Pick

Stuck in a very unfriendly area that requires papers to basically exist (seriously, papers for everything and fines in the thousands of gold – bribery is rampant). My bard (Lindale) sneaks into a smaller town to the south to try and get an idea of what these papers look like so she can forge them. The party was unfortunately dumped here from another plane so they didn’t exactly arrive legally.

A few hours later and some of the rest of the party decides to go to town. Our wizard (Qadif) and cleric (Dorgan) go, end up at a tavern that makes a deal with them to get into the assessor’s office and then they will help the party get off of the island. My urban ranger (Savanas) decided to sneak into town at the same time and find Lindale.

Both Lindale and Savanas are now outside of the closed assessor’s office, hidden and looking at their options. Neither one has disable device.

In the meantime, the remainder of the party outside of town gets robbed and our druid (Delisa) helps get our rogue (Pick) out of the major city to the west. Pick has been busy lifting papers off of people, but he hasn’t exactly been trying to match the party.

Eventually everyone ends up at the tavern. Lindale begins talking to the people willing to get them off in exchange for getting into the assessor’s office and the worst pun of the night comes out: “We forgot our lock Pick.”

Grab Pick, get in, get what we need, and get our butts off of that island.

One thought on “Game Night Tales: Need a lock Pick

  1. Heh, I do like the pun. Though, as a (WoW) warlock myself, it does make me inclined to make a second lock whose name is Pick…

    I have a WoW character who is a gnome frost mage. I named her Icykneecaps. A) She’ll frost your kneecaps since she’s so short. B) All she can see are kneecaps (I see kneecaps…)

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