Now what?

I know, not a Muse Monday post. On Thursday I started sending out my beta file to people. While I wouldn’t mind a few more beta readers the ones who have it now already have me wringing my hands in worry.

I’m running my beta period until January 1st so I can work on other projects, but after sending it out I went into a “now what?” phase. Do I work on this or that? Take a break for a bit? What?

I dabbled a little with my notes for book 3 that I plan on writing during NaNoWriMo in November, but I’ve still got a little less than a month and a half left to wait. Of the three project titles I had come up with, I managed to pick one so yay! I’ll be good to go on setting up my novel as soon as they let me.

Once I get some other things accomplished, I’m sure I’ll go back to heavily working on the shorts I have so eventually I can start posting them. Maybe touch another larger project I’ve been meaning to get back to.

I’ll also need to get other stuff done to prepare for Shattered Illusions to be released. Plenty to do, but still didn’t stop me from standing there lost for a bit once I let the beta out to my small test audience. Honestly, I’ve struggled with this project from beginning to end. Unsure if I should keep it at all. Wondering if I went over the top with certain things (I’m not nice to my characters as much as I want to keep them safe).

Time will tell. I’m giving my beta readers until January 1st so they have plenty of time between those who will be participating in NaNoWriMo and the holidays coming up.

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