Muse Monday: Paladins

2016-06-16 20.55.16I saw this image on my Facebook feed and of course sent it along to the paladin in our gaming group. Brunnhilde takes this as far as she can on a regular basis. She’s got a really good diplomacy, but her violent tendencies make it ineffective. One of these days, they’ll let the bard take over for talks.

However, I suppose the same could be said of Silver Blaise, though he’s not to Brunnhilde’s extreme. He’s more of a protector and a healer, though I can’t say how events outside of the church may change his disposition over time.

No, that wasn’t a hint at anything – I really don’t know.

PaladinsWhat I find interesting about the alignments in tabletop RPGs is that they are far more flexible than most people give them credit for. I bought my husband a shirt with this saying to the right a while back. And I love the complexity that can be brought to the otherwise “goody two-shoes” character.

Though I still enjoy playing chaotic neutral characters predominantly, but I’m also enjoying the struggle right now in game of my one lawful neutral character. Brunnhilde might get decked (or worse) for kill-stealing from Savanas who is currently out for revenge. More of that story in a later post.

Do I adhere to the alignment system for my characters in my books? No, I don’t keep that stuff in mind while I’m writing and I’ve never assigned an alignment to anyone that hasn’t come from gaming. Silver may be the exception as he is a paladin and  I usually walk the line at points with him. Case in point in Twisted Magics is when the reporter approaches him and Ketayl. I’ve got another fun one in book 2, but obviously, I’m not sharing right now.

Things like this sometimes help generate personalities or help determine the course of action a character might take when I’m not certain, but like I said, I don’t typically keep this in mind while writing.

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