It’s here

Twisted Magics has officially launched today. I hope you guys that have purchased a copy enjoy the story. From here on out, I’ll stop being annoying with my weekly advertisement posts.

So, a few things before I wrap this up…

I posed this question a while back that no one decided to take a guess on: Why did I choose June 21st as the release date? Answer: It’s Ketayl’s birthday. Why did I choose June 21st for her? Well, seeing as she doesn’t remember what her actual birth date is, I went with one of the days that the Summer Solstice falls on. Or rather, I suppose Lindale chose that date for her.

Now I start to wonder if other writers have made calendars with the birthdays of their characters.

Also, print copies are now available on Amazon, though I will continue to sell them through my online store for at least a while yet. Still waiting on word from my local independent bookseller if they’ll carry it in their store. And likely I’ll still keep selling copies out of the back of my vehicle like some creepy door-to-door sales person.

I hope that all of the print preorders have made it to their destinations by today. Unfortunately, USPS still fails me with their tracking. Though I was trying to keep an eye out for everyone in case something happened.

3D Mock Up

And now the information on how to get a copy of Twisted Magics!

Ebook versions are available for pre-order through Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo.

Print copies are available through both Amazon and my online store. If you order it through my store and would like me to sign/write something inside the book, please mark it in the special instructions.

One thought on “It’s here

  1. That’s a pretty cool reason. ^_^ I don’t think I have birth dates for any of my characters.

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