This is why we can’t be evil.

Weekly, or at least when our schedules allow, a group of us get together and play Pathfinder (still use stuff from D&D 3.5 with it). Sometimes life gets in the way and we’re missing half the group.

So we’ve come up with a solution: we’ll run Pathfinder Society (PFS) modules and scenarios when we’re short and others still want to get together and play something. A few of us are contemplating going to PaizoCon next year and it would be nice to have some leveled characters to be able to take part in the higher tier adventures.

Since it was a last minute idea, I suggested we play We Be Goblins. It would be fast and easy as I have the module and it came with pre-generated characters. Everyone chooses a little evil goblin to play. They each come with their own song if you want to sing it and a questionable mix of items. Someone carried their dead, squashed, former lucky toad.

And it went downhill from there. In the most hilarious way possible, but I think there’s a reason that most of us generally don’t play evil characters. We totally lookout for ourselves and will happily stab each other in the back for a laugh. Or since I had Chuffy (the rogue) this time, steal from party members. Our healer kept getting taken down and I’d jab him with his stick (wand of cure light wounds), most of the time not passing the check to make it work. Then we’d pour a potion down him and let him take off into battle again.

Good times had by all. We did complete the module and succeeded in our task, but not without showing repeatedly why we should probably never be allowed to have an evil campaign.

Going back to the normal campaign, I have a few characters in books that I have played at the table first. I couldn’t resist using some and others I purposely brought to the table to try to figure out their personalities and abilities.

Has anyone else ever tried bringing their character to life in a roleplaying game?

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