Twisted Magics

Twisted Magics will be available in 4 weeks on June 21st. In the meantime, I’ve linked to several places that pre-orders can be placed below.

To add to the fun, I will be taking questions from the comments that I will answer in my post next week.

And now to answer some questions from last week…

Are there any songs that you find inspiring to your works? Do you have playlists, even if you can’t write with music playing?

Yes, and the songs that I can get attached to for a character/story tend to vary so greatly that anyone that tries to listen starts to wonder about my tastes. The next book actually got it’s title revised after listening to a particular song on repeat for long enough to annoy my husband. The only reason I haven’t officially released the name is that I’m still trying it out to see if it sticks.

With Twisted Magics, I was still trying to make character playlists rather than one for the book. I’m trying to make them for the stories now – I’ve just been incredibly lazy.

Do you ever pair up real people with how the characters look inside your head?

I’ve tried, but I haven’t had much success with it. Blame it on my gaming and the ability to try and build characters in games?

What would be the root inspiration that sent you down this path with Ketayl?

Um…barely a concept a day and a half before NaNoWriMo started one year?

The first version was honestly that. I had actually planned on not attempting NaNoWriMo anymore after 5 years in a row of not finishing the challenge when my friend Lyndsey convinced me to join her again that year. I had no hope and no plan. I picked this character that I had not tried to write for before (and she’s my oldest character, go figure) and let her unfold the world for me. I had a horrible mess of I think roughly 53K words, but within it was something that I really liked.

3D Mock Up

And now the information on how to get a copy of Twisted Magics!

Ebook versions are available for pre-order through Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo.

Print copy pre-orders are available through my online store. I will begin shipping these on June 14th. If you would like me to sign/write something inside the book, please mark it in the special instructions.

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