Final Preparations #IWSG

When the reality starts setting in that this part of myself will be out in the world relatively soon. I’ve gone back and forth in thinking about what people have said to me and advice I’ve read. Am I ready? Should I push back my release date (no, I haven’t officially announced one, but I have a couple in mind)?

It’s scary. I wonder if it easier with each new book/story that you release.

At the same time, I’ve been rewriting the second book. I’ve been itching to get ideas implemented. I’ve also been working on some side short stories to eventually post. That and it’s fun to follow a different character for a little bit.

I suppose my question this month is how do you feel when you’re about to publish a story?

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2 thoughts on “Final Preparations #IWSG

  1. Publishing a story is always a mixture of excitement and terror for me. Putting something out there that you put so much of yourself into is bound to cause some anxiety, I suppose. Best of luck!

  2. Oh, I get all sorts of antsy when I’m hitting the publish button. But at least you have book 2 in the works. That’s a good thing! That means you can follow up the release with another book to keep you rolling!

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