Taking another look

It’s April and I decided to take another crack at Camp NaNoWriMo. Choosing to do a revision, that meant I had to look at the mess that is book 2.

I got distracted and blah blah blah boring stuff. Needless to say I recently got back to it (after driving myself mad trying to revive another writing project). And once I got past the worst of the revisions early on, the rest wasn’t so bad.

However, with the changes made early on, I now have a side character that might not so contently stay a side character. Not sure if I should admit that I was laughing at the interactions between him and one of my main characters. I really hadn’t expected it and I’m not sorry.

That isn’t to say that there isn’t still a lot of work ahead of me to finish it and get it polished. I’ve deleted whole chapters, especially at the end because I have a new plan in mind. Scenes that I loved have now found their homes in my short story file. Debating still about the beginning. So on and so forth.

I do need to get back to that other project because it feels unfair to dump even the beginning of book 2 onto a critique group that hasn’t been exposed to Twisted Magics. And that book’s release date will be after my piece is due.

When exactly? Keep checking back to find out! Being ahead of schedule, I could comfortably make a release date that I have in mind, but I don’t want to make a promise and then have something blow up.

2 thoughts on “Taking another look

  1. Eh, I wouldn’t be too worried about exposing the critique group (if you are referencing ours) to something they don’t have background on. I say it helps figure out what might need clarity.

    And that’s great that you’re making yourself laugh! You are the first person you need to entertain. 🙂

    1. I don’t mind dusting this project off and taking another crack at it. I’ve been wanting to revise it and I keep pushing it off because of one thing or another.

      As for that one scene, it might be on the chopping block, but we’ll see (will still totally get saved to my shorts file). I still can’t decide if I’m okay with the way the story is going or if I want to go a different route.

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