Why do you write?

This question has come up lately. Among a number of other questions that I also cringe and don’t want to answer, but this one I think at least needs to be told.

I began writing stuff on my own when I was 10 or 11. Somewhere around there. I was always reading above my grade level.

But not because I was smart. I read to escape. That eventually turned into writing to escape. What I didn’t know was fanfiction at the time (pen, paper, no internet access back then) was how I traveled to other places and with people that I could pretend cared about me and that I mattered.

Yep, classic Mary Sue. Thankfully, all of that horrible writing has since been destroyed. Even the stuff I wrote when I received my aunt’s old Windows 3.1 computer with a dot matrix printer no longer exists.

I wrote to escape. I wrote to get out my frustrations. I wrote to play around with ideas and concepts. I kept my dirty little secret hidden from the people I knew.

My story isn’t anything special and perhaps a little pathetic, but everyone has their reasons for putting down words. Nowadays I’m putting down words because the characters in my head won’t stop until I’ve told their stories.

2 thoughts on “Why do you write?

  1. I think that’s a good reason to write. I know I stayed in the writing closet for a good 10 years. Mostly, I was terrified of being judged by my family because of the gods I created and the utter darkness that is still yet to come. I’m still worried about book 3, but less so now.

    The reason I write is because of Derek. He formed in my head when I was 15 and watching Sailor Moon. Since then, he’s lived in my brain and grown stronger and bolder. I love the guy. I figured if I liked him so much, maybe others would too. Plus, without Derek, there never would’ve been a Cera.

    1. Awe…Ketayl is my oldest character also. She has since grown and evolved into what she is now. And I totally understand about worrying in regards to family and fictional religious systems. My in-laws are very attached and I’m wicked afraid of what will happen when they get their hands on a copy.

      I’m sure you’ll be fine though. As long as you can make someone happy, right? Even if it is just yourself. 🙂

      Oooh, you reminded me that I’m way behind on Sailor Moon.

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