And now for something completely different

I needed to take a break from critiques, reviews, and editing. Didn’t quite feel up to logging into the game so I curled up and started searching for a new bike.

Unfortunately, the one I’ve had my eye on is too far out of my price range at this time so I figured I better start looking at the big box stores for something cheap but decent that’ll get me through a few seasons.

As for what happened to my last bike, it found itself a new home at the Boise Bike Project. I completely had it with it last summer when the left crank and pedal fell off while riding along the Greenbelt – my daughter in tow. Prior to that I had problems with tires constantly going flat and only having 7 out of 21 gears working. Not even a professional tune-up fixed that problem.

My husband’s bike is still going strong, but he went with a 29″ mountain bike when we were choosing so totally different from the hybrid I had picked out. Now I’m kind of torn between wanting to get a bike like his or get a road bike because I would like to attempt the Goldilocks ride again.

Though perhaps not this year. Haven’t trained at all for it and kinda lost my cycling partner. The ride doesn’t limit on the style of bike (except tricycles, but that’s a whole extra wheel), but I struggled on the 20 mile ride last year. I could never seem to ride as fast as even my husband on his mountain bike with him pulling our daughter’s trailer never mind someone on a road bike.

By the way, shameless plug, but the Weehoo trailers are awesome. Child loves hers.

So as soon as I manage to find the bike pump, I’ll be trying out my husband’s bike and possibly looking for something similar. I have to admit, those disc brakes do look cool.

2 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. I have a mountain bike and a trailer for the kids, but I have no desire to really do a lot of riding. I end up huffing and puffing and boy does it suck. 🙂 But I am running a 5K with my sis-in-law this fall. That should be fun.

    Hope you got your bike situation figured out!

    1. Oooh…good luck with the run.

      I might have found one that hadn’t been on my radar before. I have a preference for hybrids because little itty bitty road tires scare me and mountain bikes are just heavy. I tried riding my husband’s 29″ mountain bike and it rides nice, but boy is it heavy. Granted, the tires were also basically flat which made it worse and I was too worn out on the ride back after getting them filled to really give it a good test.

      If I wanted to do the Goldilocks run (even just the 20 mile ride) again, I’d not only need a bike, but time to train for it. Don’t think it’s going to happen this year.

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