Recent Events

Here you’ve heard me talk quite a bit about Indie Author Day and those who follow me on Facebook have gotten to hear me go on about Boise Book Fest. With the two events running back-to-back weekends, it was hard not to be super excited about both. I didn’t get the chance to escape my table for IndieContinue reading “Recent Events”

Burnout? #IWSG

I did some pretty heavy revisions to Shattered Illusions (Terra Chronicles book #2) during Camp NaNoWriMo last month. Managed to pour a lot of energy into it and called the revisions good fairly early so I could have it printed to work on while out camping. And then never touched it. I still haven’t. AboutContinue reading “Burnout? #IWSG”

Muse Monday: Shattering

Today’s post might go in a few different directions, but I’m announcing book 2’s title. Just no date – way too much work ahead of me, but the title I’ve had on it a while has stuck. I had this song on in my vehicle and ended up hitting repeat (much to my husband’s dismayContinue reading “Muse Monday: Shattering”