Time for NaNoWriMo #IWSG

I honestly thought this year I was going to take it easy with NaNo given how chaotic life has been. You know, just toy with other projects, not really going to push out anything brand new (I have enough backlogged in my head as it is). But no, two days before the start, an idea hit for book 7. Barely a concept. No real plot in mind – just who I wanted to deal with. And which character got to sit this one out.

Over those two days I managed to form something that had the vague shape of a story idea (not really). Not where I usually am. I’m flying blind again.

I haven’t attempted a project like this since I first drafted Twisted Magics (and that first version was horrible – it ended up getting a full rewrite). So, I’m quite apprehensive about how this is going to go. I’m not sure it’ll even turn out into a story, but I might as well see where the ride takes me.

And for the record, I had two other ideas lined up for book 7, but I couldn’t choose which one and it’s been a rough go lately. Either way, it’s nice to be back to writing again.

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4 thoughts on “Time for NaNoWriMo #IWSG

  1. I thought about doing NaNo and then discarded the idea. I really need to finish book 2, and I should only be adding about 10K worth of new words to it with my rewrites. And then I want to finish book 3, but I don’t have a solid plan on what the second half is going to contain. And I don’t want to distract myself from either of those until I get them done. Plus, with book 2 being a rewrite, I want it to be solid content, so I know I’ll be tossing out scenes that don’t flow correctly, which I wouldn’t do during NaNo.

    All in all, NaNo isn’t happening for me this year. Best of luck with your new nebulous story! I hope the words come easily and you win this year with a new book!

    1. Thanks and good luck on the rewrites! I’m kind of kicking myself a bit still even though words are going down. I wanted an easy year, but the rough concept wouldn’t leave me alone. /cry

      And I don’t much care if it ends up being a book or not. It’ll probably need a massive overhaul once I’m done if I decide to keep it. XD

    1. Thanks! So far words are going down, but it’s a little weird having no rough idea on where I’m going. As it is, this little town seems to not much like outsiders and I hadn’t known that when I started.

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