What writing? #IWSG

Hate to say it, but I’ve gotten nothing done in the past month. And then I see on Facebook from NaNoWriMo about announcing your novel. It’s September, right?

Wait, it’s September already?

Time has little meaning these days as I struggle to adjust to new ways of doing things (which continues to change faster than I can keep up), trying to find time and energy to get back to writing. I’ve managed to squeeze in some role-play time, but that has been few and far between. Often with interruptions.

Though seeing that post by NaNoWriMo hit home that I have no idea what I’m working on next. I’ve got a couple of ideas I could run with or I could attempt something new since book 6 is a good point to pause with that series.

It also points out things I should be doing with book 6 right now that I’m not prepared for yet. I’m getting to the hair pulling point with trying to find a balance with everything going on.

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2 thoughts on “What writing? #IWSG

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re so stretched thin. That really sucks. I hope you get more you-time in the midst of all this. I’ve been unfairly lucky during this pandemic because I convinced my husband to quit his job back in June. He’s been taking care of the kids and meals, which takes the load off me. He might be going a bit crazy, though…

  2. Stopping by to see how you’re doing this month for IWSG. I feel exactly the same way about NANO. October is just a little over two weeks away, and are we ready? Maybe. The only strategy that keeps me going during this time of pandemic is to write every day (OK, maybe 1 day off a week) for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour or 400 words, whichever comes first (depending on how I’m feeling). Writing is like an anchor for me. When the story-telling goes well, I can face down all those other challenges. Otherwise, I find it all a little too easy to be overwhelmed. Maybe these comments will help you. I hope so. Tell the stories that mean the most to you. Try not to worry about that 50K. May the rest of the month be good to you.

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