Make it stop… #IWSG

Oh gosh, anyone who has had the unfortunate chance to listen to me lately it seems like I’m putting out a never ending sequence of fires. Or trying to keep my world from completely exploding. I’m not sure which yet.Conjured Defense eCover

Which means writing has gotten sidelined. However, thankfully I had enough in place that Conjured Defense is still on course for release.

Doesn’t mean I’m not nervous about it leaving the nest and going out into the world. Despite what my beta readers tell me. At least my cover is pretty.

IWSG Question of the Day: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

I’m not sure I have a particular instance where I learned that. The more I read, the more clearly I was transported to other worlds where I could leave the troubles of life behind. I could be whoever I wanted, go on adventures with amazing people, take on various challenges and villains… The good stuff.

And you would think I would apply this concept to my own writing, but eh, I just make stuff up.

Part of that is likely because in my calls for help, I was ignored. I’d write down my requests so there was no misunderstanding, but I remained unheard.

Yet, I continued reading and writing, escaping to somewhere else.

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3 thoughts on “Make it stop… #IWSG

  1. You and I are kindred souls. Or is that tinder(ed)… as in we get burned up quickly but it’s up to us to get the fire going. Anyway, I feel you. And awesome work putting in the effort getting the next book out. You must be proud of yourself!

    1. Hopefully May will be better for both of us. *looks out the window at the work being done in the yard* Hopefully.

      I think right now I’m just so fried from everything going on and looking at the work ahead still that I have really no emotion toward it. Thank you so much though. I’ve always greatly appreciated the support that you and the others in the group provide.

      And nope, I still can’t think of why I wrote that breakfast scene. I must’ve had some plan in mind and then forgot it in the middle of writing it.

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