Normal routine?

Between the holidays, illnesses, and more snow days than I can shake a stick at (because I’m not going out in that just to get a stick), getting back to a normal routine has been…challenging. It still hasn’t happened actually.

Which makes trying to add in new things to the routine difficult and puts me a little behind schedule. At least to my liking anyway. I’ve also been horrible about commenting on people’s blogs lately, though I’ve managed to read the posts. Forewarning, I might be going through a bunch of stuff and commenting soon. I might call some of them a wash on trying to comment on this far out.

In other news, I’ve found something interesting in responses from my beta readers so far: my reader group and my critique group have very different views on the same things. It leaves me scratching my head on what to do. I’m aiming for release of Shattered Illusions for this summer, but I’m reluctant to announce the date I have in mind right now. I’m working on a couple of different things at the moment regarding the books and I’ll share as soon as I have solid information. But… *squeee*

2 thoughts on “Normal routine?

  1. I’ve been floundering about with everything lately, including visiting and commenting on blogs. I can’t even seem to get my crap together for critique group. >_<

    Interesting to hear readers and critiquers are giving you different feedback. If I may ask, what is it? (You don't need to go into it if you don't want to.) It's curious that sometimes having a knowledge of writing skews perspective on reading.

    1. Let me know if you want help. Though admittedly, I’ve been slacking with my other one too. I just can’t seem to get over there to try and book the room and I don’t live that far away.

      There’s a few different points, but I can give you one that’s not spoilerific: fog. Critiquers seem to hate it, readers love it. It’s weird. I’m starting to think that even I get caught up while critiquing in trying to find the meaning behind every action or detail and not just let the story take me where it will.

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