And then there were three #IWSG

Hope no one minds that I’m passing on this month’s question and just doing my own thing.

Book 3 is alpha ready. Has been for a few weeks now, but I’ve been editing it while Shattered Illusions is out to my beta readers, which is starting to come back now (so I need to get on the ball with final edits for that one). I’ve gone through this with the last two books and not being ready to let them go to see if the story is any good to anyone else.

It’s still scary to let it out to someone else. It could be compounded by also having another book closing in on being published – summer will come quickly despite the record snow outside.

And that’s record snow for the area, not me. I grew up in New England – can’t scare me with this.

Eventually I’ll send it. Just a few more edits…

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2 thoughts on “And then there were three #IWSG

  1. You have to let go or you’ll never get to start the next one! And starting the next one is always more fun that finishing the last one. 😉

    And yeah, I’m from Eastern Canada it takes a lot of snow to faze. Doesn’t mean I’m not already looking forward to Summer, though…

    IWSG January

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