Side project getting sidelined

There’s a side project I’ve been toying with, trying to get it together to submit (or keep for my own nefarious purposes). I even submitted it to a couple of critique groups and received fantastic feedback on how to improve it.

And now I’m poking at it with a stick. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with this particular project for years and only recently took the plunge to get a full rewrite done of it. I was all ready to make the changes and call it good. Then after taking a short break to clear a few other things off of my plate my energy and excitement fizzled. And now it looks like more of a chore which I’m contemplating sidelining for a while.

Likely because in the back of my mind I have a little voice telling me that it’s a waste to submit it where I’m planning. That this story barely skirts inside the theme they’re looking for.

The overall plan for this project is to start off a collection of short stories with these two characters. I even have another short story written (which needs a full rewrite) to follow with notes for a third.

And perhaps I’m looking forward too much to the next big project and it’s distracting me from what I need to finish.

One thought on “Side project getting sidelined

  1. I’m late getting to the blogs this past week, so I know you’ve already finished your piece. Yay for getting it done!

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