So part in parcel, pricing is obviously on my list of things I need to consider as I trek the path of self-publishing.

Recently I received an email about one of my favorite authors who is coming out with a new book soon. It was a sure-fire sale because I’ve bought all of the other books in the series.

And suddenly it wasn’t. This particular author is traditionally published and I’ve noticed an upward trend in the prices of the ebooks over the years. I stopped short at $13.99. I had to make sure that wasn’t the price for the hardcover (no paperback version will be available yet).

There was another announcement of another book of hers now coming out in paperback (that I’ve already read) and I did a double-take on the cost of that versus the ebook version and they were the same price.

Now, I know people need to make their money and whatnot, but the pricing from traditionally published books has gotten to be ridiculous when it comes to ebooks. I trend towards ebooks personally for the sake of space, though I do love the feel of a book in my hands. It looks like I might be getting myself on the long list at the library to borrow that particular book.

It hurts to not directly support this author who has taken me on some fun journeys so far. If the ebook was priced at even the same amount as a paperback version, I would have happily pre-ordered. I just can’t support the publisher pushing these prices. Not when I’m considering selling my ebook version for over $10 less.

2 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. I know how you feel. I tend to balk at the high prices and just wait until I can check it out from the library. 🙂 Sometimes the library gets digital copies quickly. Other times, it takes a while. But there are plenty of other stories to read while I wait!

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