A little too different #IWSG

So I’ve been working on editing the second book in my series and I’m starting to become concerned that it is perhaps too different than the first book.

I’m digging into the darkest secrets of my main character. Forcing them to the surface for both her and those close to her to have to deal with. Previously, she’s kept a lot to herself – more shown to the reader than the other characters around her.

Perhaps scaring myself with what I’m working on is a good thing. Being concerned that I’m pushing into dangerous territory and something different will help keep it fresh. Maybe if this book doesn’t work out now, I can hold the concept for later.

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2 thoughts on “A little too different #IWSG

  1. Hi, J.C. Forcing dark secrets to the surface is dangerous stuff! It can wreak havoc in someone’s life, not to mention the lives of people around a person. Sounds intriguing to me. I think it is a good thing to scare yourself with what you are working on. It keeps you authentic and real. Good luck!

  2. If that is where the story is taking you, then you should pursue it. I like the dark secrets and I like when the character must face them. I think people like change and growth in fantasy. Write it. I’d like to read it. 🙂

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