Funny how that works out…

For a while, I’ve been stressing about the low word count on Twisted Magics. Sitting at a little over 66K, it was hard to take seriously. Even though I never actually pay attention to word counts when I’m reading.

Going into a new round of beta, it got a little beefier with cresting 75K. I feel a bit better as the story got better and I wasn’t trying to buff my word count. I’m also getting this book in line with events that will be taking place in the second book. Just small things crop up in Twisted Magics. I’m not that mean. I wanted to make sure personalities and backgrounds fell in line better going forward.

I’ve got one more quick pass to make on Twisted Magics before officially going to beta. So while I had been hoping to release it late this year, I’m glad I’m taking the time to rework it into something better. And with NaNoWriMo coming up and book 2 set as my project for the month, I have a better view going forward as well. Though I’ve also been thinking even more forward than that and I am horrible to my characters sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Funny how that works out…

  1. It seems like it usually takes longer than planned to release something. Good job at beefing it up! I look forward to reading the results when you go live.

    And I think if an author wasn’t horrible to their characters, it’d make for a boring story. 😉

    1. Thanks! Still on my final pass through, thought of a quick little addition while I was in the shower this morning. Not sure if I want to kick myself or not for it.

      I just feel REALLY bad because I put my main character through hell. As well as some of the others, but my poor MC…

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