Need to focus?

For a while, I’ve been thinking about the various groups that I take part in. Some have been beneficial and have worked out well. I’ve found my own friends out here and…

Perhaps I should back up a bit…

When I first moved across country in 2011, I didn’t know anyone outside of my in-laws and one of my husband’s friends. Not much of a start, but it was somewhere. I also started looking into different interest groups in the area. Taking part in activities with family that I hadn’t back east. Took on new interests and started reviving old ones.

Some of those groups have not been so beneficial, but some I’ve been able to walk away from without issue. A couple, I feel obligated to remain with even though my desire to take part has waned greatly. One is more due to internal politics and sometimes a clash of personalities. The other is just not helpful for me and while I want to help others, I’m not entirely certain that my voice is heard with all of the noise. Both I often feel like I get shut down because I don’t have the experience that others do.

Which brings me to thinking that maybe I just need to focus down some more. My daughter is getting older and between my husband and I already, we’re getting busier. I’m not looking to cut these groups out solely for the sake of gaining more time, but to focus on things I enjoy.

I just hate having that sense of obligation.

I’m not sure what has pushed this thought to the forefront again. Maybe it was the amazing vacation that my husband and I took for our anniversary, where I had time to step back and breathe for a bit. Could be looking at NaNoWriMo coming up next month and trying to figure out how to fit in a few write-ins into my schedule. I’m not certain. I suppose I’ll simply have to see how things go from here on out.

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