Whatcha reading? #IWSG

Where did the time go? It feels like I blink and a month is gone.

Granted, life has been chaotic for the past… I lost track. Recently I’ve been delving back into my side stories for Terra. Particularly a section that could go into book 6 (which is out with one of my beta readers at the moment), but it’s Silver’s perspective and I don’t want to jump like that given that I’ve always stuck to Ketayl’s so far. But it has certainly been interesting to explore this piece through his eyes while she’s not around.

I’d say more, but spoilers.

IWSG Question of the Month – Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?

I’ll read most anything. Though you’ll hear me complain about trends in certain genres that just drive me up a wall. Sorry, romance.

But if it’s something that interests me (both fiction and nonfiction), I’ll happily sit down and read through it and my interests change. Sometimes those are determined by what I’m working on. I haven’t been at my volunteer post for roughly a year now (thanks, covid) which gave me access to a lot of local history, but I’ve been poking at other interests as time allows.

One thought on “Whatcha reading? #IWSG

  1. Wow, blog change! Did you update your blog and I just not notice it last time?

    I’ll read mostly anything too, but it certainly help if it’s available in audiobook from the library. That tends to take priority in my consumption, because I know I can listen during my drive to and from work, and my walking before work and during lunch… all situations where it works best if I can use my eyes to make sure I keep on track. 🙂

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