Worth a thousand words #IWSG

After some confusion, mishaps, and much cursing, I’ve regained control… of my blog. I claim that on nothing else.

I’ve been pretty quiet anyway over the past few months. Life’s been hectic to put it nicely. I’d like to think perhaps this month I can actually start getting started on some projects I’ve been putting off for a long time, but I need to return my attention to book 5 (and stop poking at 6 for now). Especially if I want to get it out on time.

February IWSG Question: Has a single photo or work of art ever inspired a story? What was it and did you finish it?

For the setting, yes, which of course was integral to the story. I remembered when I was getting ready to start Twice Cursed, I had the rough concept, but no location. Someone in one of my critique groups at the time would occasionally send out an email when he found something of interest. I don’t have the original image (or at least I can’t find it right now), but it sent me into looking at what would become Ghost Forest.

Actually, he sent me a few things that I eventually used. The wizard storm in Conjured Defense was another. Thanks, Ellis L. Knox!

Those two I’ve obviously finished. I’m trying to think of others, but those were the big ones. I’ve used other pictures here and there for small things: the necklaces Ketayl and Kitteren wore in Shattered Illusions, what some articles of clothing/armor would look like, etc.

Plenty small ones used in things I haven’t finished or is simply background story for me to have.

I’d love to hear of some fun inspiration other have used.

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5 thoughts on “Worth a thousand words #IWSG

  1. The “Tank Man” photo that was taken during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre inspired me to write a book, but it’s admittedly still a WIP since I’m busy plotting a sci-fi/fantasy series this year. Priorities, like blogs, are often all we can hope to control these days!

  2. I’ve got a folder full of settings, but I usually start with the idea and go hunting for images that fit. I guess I could say that the terraced rice fields started with a photo and helped inspired my Lumenor landscape, but then again, the canyon walls look like a mix of Utah’s red rock canyon and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Good thing the province is a mishmash of scenery.

  3. Dear J.C. New to your blog and see you haven’t been posting for a while. Congratulations on being back in the saddle.
    Photos of settings are all important I think but for a particular object, it’s also good to have a visual aid. Do you ever take pictures yourself as part of research or on your travels just for the beauty of it ? And then rediscover them years later to be instantly inspired ?

    Have a lovely month of writing. Looking forward to reading you again.

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