4 books later… #IWSG

When you realize 4 books later that you’ve written your main character with a particular mental health issue. 4 books in I’m not about to change it because it is so much a part of her personality and her background does support this particular disorder.

The part I’m concerned about is that eventually this will have to be dealt with. People can live with undiagnosed disorders for decades, but things will come to a breaking point with her. Now that I am fully aware (and have done far too much research) I have to figure out what I’m going to do going forward. I’ve been adjusting my mental road map of the overarching story to be able to support this, which admittedly, hasn’t taken much altering.

And here people are probably wondering if they missed a book. No, book 4 is in editing. Fully written, but I still won’t release it until next summer the earliest.

Have you ever realized something about one of your characters long after you’ve been writing them?

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4 thoughts on “4 books later… #IWSG

  1. I figured out my main male hero of my series is a damsel in distress. He isn’t helpless, but he often winds up in a situation where other people have to come to his rescue.

    So will I get to hear about this discovery you made some time?

  2. That’s an interesting situation but could present itself as realistic too. I am sure you will be able
    To write the perfect explanation 🙂 Happy IWSG Day 🙂

  3. the couple that I intend as main characters in my ensemble books…never are! Teehee! The book somehow gets stolen out from under them by another character, who brings more chaos! Ha!

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