Just keep swimming #IWSG

It seems that I’m always pushing on something. Right now I’m wrapping up Twice Cursed so it can get out on time. I’ll have some fun stuff to share soon on that. It’s also time for Camp NaNoWriMo so I’m doing revisions and finishing book 4 at the same time.

And while I try to keep up a positive front mostly to try and fool myself, it’s another hair-pulling time. Especially since I let myself get behind. I’ve built in a big enough buffer that it’s not going to affect the release, but I’m always hesitant to formally announce the date until everything is guaranteed to be able to hit that date.

This time, I’d also like to have some fun with the release. I’ll see what I can come up with.

IWSG Question of the Day: When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

This is a really odd question for me because it depends on what the circumstances are surrounding why I’m in this position. In most cases, I’ll bounce over to a side project to read through and maybe do a few edits. Maybe work on it some more. Just something that’s fun. Might not be fun for my characters, but…

There are instances where I’ll walk away and not touch anything for a few days. I won’t stay away longer than that because of a need to be working on something.

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2 thoughts on “Just keep swimming #IWSG

  1. Wow. Already gearing up for a release? That’s pretty impressive. I’m just barely at the point where I’m caught up in a major timeline rewrite!

    Kudos to you for staying on track!

    1. Yeah, I had to haul tail on those revisions. Having a schedule has helped, though mine is more monthly goals than anything specific. Besides, I needed something to do on those overnight flights (sleep wasn’t happening). XP

      You’ve got a ton going on though and way more characters to keep track of and move.

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