Distracted #IWSG

Usually I can focus down on a project and work on it for a while, but after getting through one round of revisions on book 3 during Camp NaNoWriMo I got distracted by other side projects.

These side projects are helpful because for me it fills in the gaps that the reader won’t see and if it’s something that can come back in later, cool. If not, I know what those people were doing at the time. Maybe I’ll have something I can share later.

I just feel a little guilty for not focusing fully on the current major project. I guess it gives me something else to do instead of pacing nervously as Shattered Illusions gets closer to release.

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6 thoughts on “Distracted #IWSG

  1. I can relate. I got my edit letter back from the editor I hired to review my manuscript prior to querying it, and yes, I’ve been plugging away at the changes, but I also took a break to outline a non-fiction book yesterday. Irresponsible? Maybe. I feel like the writing takes us where the writing takes us. If I hadn’t written what my brain was telling me to write when my brain was telling me to write it, it would still be trapped in my head right now, distracting me from getting back to the edit letter. So in a way, my distraction freed me from being an ongoing distraction. http://www.raimeygallant.com

  2. I know what you mean. I should really be focused on Murder Most Fowl, but I keep getting distracted with Isto. At least the distractions are still keeping us busy, right?

    1. It’s still moving forward! Well, mine really isn’t, but I’ve gotten semi-obsessed with wanting to look at scenes (or when my MC isn’t around) from another character’s perspective for book 2.

  3. You are one busy writer. I know many writers work on more than one manuscript at a time, but that’s a skill that is beyond me. Wishing you great success – and you will be.

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