Muse Monday: Creating from the real world

Last October, my husband and I took a road trip up through Oregon, Washington, and then came back down through Idaho. Along the way, we stopped in two different cities that helped form the base of the open market area in book 2.

The Olympia Farmers Market is probably not as well known as the Pike Place Market (and the throwing of the fish). Being able to walk through and take in the two markets gave me more of a base for the location than the physical buildings themselves. I only hope I can do the experience justice.

Sadly, I did not take any good pictures of either place. I want to go back at some point and I look forward to traveling to new places and hope ideas are sparked.

What places inspire you?

2 thoughts on “Muse Monday: Creating from the real world

  1. You know, I had read this post but haven’t had the opportunity to post until now. Darn work. Anyways, I had wondered if this played into the setting of last night’s critique. I thought, “maybe it’s like those farmer’s markets she saw, and not a medieval market!” Anyways, I suppose I should’ve spoken up. It’s cool to see the inspiration. 🙂

    1. It’s okay. With everything else that was problematic, I think I forgot though I had jotted it down that I wasn’t being clear enough about the setting. Debating if I want to take a long weekend in the fall and go back up there (since both are fairly close all things considered) or somewhere new.

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